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About Us

Podiatric Super Group Management, LLC (PSGM) was formed by podiatrists, for podiatrists with the common interest of improving the quality of patient care, compliance and outcomes while saving on commonly used goods and services and allowing doctors and their practices the potential to thrive and save money in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Many large physician groups and purchasing organizations have emerged throughout the country with hopes of creating leverage through the concept of strength in numbers. In theory this concept resonates, but in reality, only those that truly understand what physicians and their practices need to succeed will survive. Through experience, diligence and the ability to negotiate with the biggest and best companies in the marketplace, we have solidified pricing structures, benefits, and educational and marketing support systems that will allow our members and investors to save substantially and grow exponentially.

Unlike other “super groups” or group purchasing organizations (GPO’s), our members will be given the opportunity to choose the products and services that work optimally for their individual practices, allowing them to maintain their autonomy while maximizing their ability to reap the benefits of belonging to and/or investing in the unique and innovative model that is Podiatric Super Group Management, LLC. Our structure has been developed to offer super groups around the company great savings on medical supplies and durable medical equipment along with dozens of other commonly used goods and services, staff education/training and marketing subscription services created by our own practice management experts.

By utilizing as few as one service within a category, or as many of the offered products and services within different categories as they see fit, our members/investors will have the opportunity to optimize savings to their practices and maximize their individual return on investment. No more sitting back and accepting the healthcare cards as they have been dealt. PSGM members will find it possible to stack the deck to accommodate their needs and come out a winner every time.

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